BioBall Innovation space

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The main goal of the "BioBall Innovation Space" is to foster the reuse of biogenic waste and residual materials in the German metropolitan region FrankfurtRheinMain. To become a model region for a sustainable, bio-based circular economy new value chains need to developed.

Therefore, the BioBall Innovation Space identifies and connects stakeholders along the proposed value chains – from waste management companies and technology developers all the way to consumers by initiating and funding new research, development and innovation projects. The resulting synergies in this BioBall Innovation Alliance promote the rapid exploitation of new tailor-made biobased value chains for metropolitan regions.

Currently, eight joint projects with more than 40 partners from universities, research centers, industry and municipal administration are funded within the BioBall Innovation Space. The biogenic waste and residual material sources used are from derived from green cuttings, pomace and cocoa husks from food industry, lignin and sugars, hemicelluloses from paper & pulp industries as well as (biogenic) CO2.

All BioBall projects have a high scientific demand and are application-oriented as well. Nevertheless, all projects are accompanied by a sustainability assessment project evaluating the compatibility of the developed value chains to match the climatic targets of Germany to ensure that the technologies pave the way towards a sustainable, bio-based economy.


Dr. Jochen Michels
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