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CeGaT is a leading global provider of high quality Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) services to academic research groups as well as pharma and biotech companies. We offer a variety of sequencing services to assist you in your translational research, cancer drug / vaccine development, clinical trials, precision medicine, pharmacogenomics, immunomonitoring and microbiome analyses. Let us know what your needs are and we are happy to help.
These services include not only the preparation of the samples (e.g. FFPE, liquid biopsy) using various automated platforms, and NGS on NovaSeq 6000 systems. We can provide additional data analysis options (bioinformatics). You will have the choice to receive raw sequencing data or comprehensive bioinformatic analysis tailored to your particular project.

Further information: www.cegat.com


Dr. Patrick Walter
Sales Manager
Phone: +49 160 345 8738
E-Mail: patrick.walter@cegat.de