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SERVA sees itself as a partner of biotechnology companies, especially in the quality control and assurance of proteins.

SERVA has further developed horizontal electrophoresis into High Performance Electrophoresis (HPE). The main component is the flatbed electrophoresis chamber HPE BlueHorizon as well as foil-supported ready-to-use gels available for different applications such as isoelectric focusing, 1D-SDS PAGE, 2D electrophoresis and analysis of glycans. Using HPE, biosimilars such as antibodies, recombinant proteins, etc. can be visualised with the highest separation quality. In HCP analysis, thanks to specially manufactured gels, we offer an alternative analysis of host cell proteins to ELISA using the 2D Western blot method.

For classical vertical protein separation, SERVA offers ready-to-use gels and instruments for SDS PAGE and Western blotting in 10 cm x 10 cm format with the "Premium Resolution in Minigel Electrophoresis" (PRiME) system.

SERVA organises in-depth workshops in practice and theory as well as webinars. Our application specialists help with problem solutions. We offer qualification services (IQ/OQ) for instruments during installation or initial commissioning. SERVA also offers service contracts for long-term quality assurance (PQ). For the SERVA VIS Gel Scanner Bio-5000 Plus, in combination with the LabImage software, SERVA provides full 21 CRF Part 11 conformity for documentation and evaluation on request.

In addition to the development and marketing of products for electrophoresis, other main business areas are the distribution of life science reagents as well as fine and biochemicals for laboratory use, as catalogue and bulk goods.

Since 1953, the name SERVA has stood for innovation and quality. All processes are subject to the SERVA quality management system, certified according to ISO 9001:2015. SERVA is a privately owned, globally active company.