The European Spatial Biology Center – Creating the Leader in Genomics 3.0

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Healthcare is in need of new and disruptive solutions. Although we have made significant progress in medicine, we still lack good disease biomarkers and therapeutic interventions across different therapeutic areas. For example, various cancers and neurological disorders still remain largely unsolved, which has heave societal and financial costs.

This is because our understanding of biology has an inherent problem. We do not know which genes, transcripts, proteins, metabolites – the building blocks of any tissue - are expressed when and where; thereby, limiting our ability to understand biology and improve medicine. Spatial Biology solves this problem by providing the most granular and quantitative understanding of the molecular makeup of biological tissues.

The technologies that allow to perform spatial biology have matured in recent years. As the Nobel Prize winner quipped,” progress in science depends on new techniques, new discoveries and new ideas, probably in that order.” And that progress to happen spatial biology needs to scale (see the graphic).

The newly founded European Spatial Biology Center (ESBC nv) aims to bring that scientific and technological scale to Europe. The ESBC is being established in Leuven, Belgium, will be inaugurated in April 2022 and will start its operations soon after. ESBC shall be focusing on large projects from academia, pharma, and agriculture companies to reveal new biology in health and disease. Importantly, the ESBC will focus on data – helping the researchers and commercial partners to go from new spatial biology data to unique biological insights.

The co-founders Drs. Nachiket Kashikar and Axel Heinemann chose to set up the ESBC in Flanders. Through transformative initiatives such as the ESBC, we hope to put Europe on the world map when it comes to Genomics 3.0. We hope that the ESBC with its strong partnerships with academic and industrial institutions will make a positive change in healthcare and the lives of patients.

Veröffentlicht: 05.04.2022