Standnr. Y27

Wir freuen uns über alle Stakeholder der Life Sciences- und Biotech-Branche, die ein starkes Unternehmer-Netzwerk für die Region Düsseldorf-Köln-Bonn-Aachen suchen und sich mit uns und den lokalen Netzwerken BioCologne und LifeScienceNet Düsseldorf für die Entwicklung der Branche engagieren wollen. Sie treffen uns bei den Biotechnologietagen am BIO.NRW-Gemeinschaftsstand.

BioRiver is the industry association for life sciences and biotechnology in the metropolitan area Rhineland. BioRiver’s chairman Boris Stoffel, executive board member of Miltenyi Biotec, together with executives of world market leaders Bayer, Qiagen, Lonza and innovative firms of all sizes, excellent academia and stakeholders of the industry drive BioRiver’s business. Member groups, networking events and seminars support the direct and equal exchange between experts of all levels. The start-up competition BioRiver Boost! is our platform for young entrepreneurs and their companies’ development. We are happy to be a requested contact for the state ministries. Our member firms are active in the following fields: innovative products, technologies and services for research, development and production in biotechnology, life sciences and pharma.