CLIB – Cluster industrielle Biotechnologie e. V.

Standnummer: 40

CLIB is an international open-innovation cluster of large companies, small- to medium-size enterprises (SMEs), start- ups, academic institutes, and universities, as well as other stakeholders active in biotechnology and the circular bioeconomy as a whole. In our non-profit association, the members shape our cluster’s interests and activities, and we work to promote industrial biotechnology in sustainable processes. We are active since 2008 and have built a strong and trustworthy network since then. Together with our more than 100 members, we are putting our mission into practice: networking biotechnology – creating sustainability.

We are based in Düsseldorf, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW): the chemistry and industry heartland of Germany, well connected to the neighbouring chemical regions of the Netherlands and Belgium. We do not see ourselves as a regional, but an international cluster, connected by a joint vision for biotechnology in a sustainable circular bioeconomy. We connect our members within and beyond the cluster to initiate new research and business-projects. Our goal is to network stakeholders along and across value networks and to identify new opportunities. To achieve this, we actively include diverse industries and markets such as biotechnology, chemistry, food and feed, home and personal care, textiles, and others into our network. At CLIB, we link feedstock owners with technology providers, processing industries, and consumer industries, and this is clearly reflected in our membership structure.

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Dr. Katrin Kriebs
Project Manager & Scientific Advisor
Phone: +49 211 418 737 28