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Sustainable Economy through Industrial Bioeconomy

Germany is well positioned in R&D in the field of bio-based products and processes. What is lacking is implementation on an industrial scale. This is where the Dialogue Platform Industrial Bioeconomy and the BMWK funding programme come in.

The BMWK programme “Industrial Bioecenomy“ funds joint projects from industry and science that contribute to the sustainable transformation of the German economy by using bio-based solutions. Numerous bio-based products and processes have been developed on a lab scale in recent years. These innovative products and processes use bio-based raw and residual materials to replace fossil resources, which often form the basis of industrial production. By minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and developing new value chains, they contribute to a competitive economy and the transition to a climate-friendly, sustainable industry. The funding programme supports technology development, upscaling, transfer and implementation of new bio-based solutions in practice.

One project example:
GST is dedicated to creating a new generation of eco-friendly technologies and bio-based materials for various industries, such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and biofuels. Within the BMWK funded project “NextOil”, GST focuses on the industrial validation of a waste-free yeast oil biorefinery based on sustainable biomass residue flows. Additionally, GST is currently focused on expanding and commercializing the FHCR platform, which transforms waste biomass into high-value products to produce microbial lipids, active ingredients and chemical building blocks. By using the FHCR platform, GST aims to reduce the destructive deforestation caused by mono-culturing oil crop plantations and provide a sustainable alternative by producing yeast-based lipids through vertical farming.

More information about the BMWK funding programme at: bmwk.de/industrielle-biooekonomie


Programme “Industrial Bioeconmy”
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