Nordmark Biotech

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Nordmark is an internationally leading specialist for the development, manufacturing, and commercialisation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and drug products of biological and biotechnological origin under GMP conditions. Headquartered near Hamburg (Germany), Nordmark today employs around 600 employees with revenues of EUR 110 million.
Nordmark Biotech, the biotechnological division of Nordmark, is a specialist for providing tailor-made solutions for the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals from lab to production scale. Our customers benefit from our expertise in both systems – microbial as well as mammalian, covering the entire value chain from process development to marketed drugs:

  • Strain and Cell Line Development
  • Microbial Fermentation – Upstream Process Development
  • Mammalian Cell Culture – Upstream Process Development
  • Downstream Process Development
  • Formulation and Filling – Pharmaceutical Development
  • Biomanufacturing under GMP Conditions
  • Analytical Services
  • Regulatory Service

Nordmark Biotech connects flexible partnerships with a unique expertise and know-how in developing and delivering drugs to market. As a family-owned business we work with maximum care and attention and with fast and simple decision-making processes. We are focused on your success – regardless of project size.
Nordmark can refer to a significant track record with successful process development and manufacturing projects in various stages of clinical development as well as approved and marketed products for more than 40 international partners. With more than 90 years of excellence and commercial success, Nordmark is the ideal partner to bring your ideas to market.

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Volker Kahrmann
Head of Marketing