biomindz Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Mainz mbH i.G.

Standnummer: 15

Thanks to the successes of BioNTech in particular, the science and biotechnology location of Mainz has moved into the worldwide focus of attention. The city of Mainz is making targeted use of this momentum and will continue to successfully develop the location.

To enable start-ups and companies to successfully establish and grow in Mainz, the biomindz Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Mainz mbH i.G. (biomindz) was founded as a municipally owned company. Its main task is the further development and promotion of the life science and biotechnology sector in Mainz and the surrounding area.

To bundle interests and activities, coordinate them and forward them to the appropriate departments, the new company has a hub function as a so-called ‘One-Stop Shop’. To this end, biomindz is active in four areas of responsibility:

  • It promotes the development of the biotechnology campus. In the short and medium term, sufficient sites are available in attractive city centre locations on 30 hectares.
  • In order to guarantee a sustainable and climate-neutral development with model character from the very beginning, it ensures holistic sustainability management.
  • To network the various actors at the site and to prepare the establishment of structures for a supra-regional and neutral cluster organization, it is responsible for network management and cluster development.
  • Through professional public relations and marketing, it ensures that the location becomes better known internationally to market it in a targeted manner.

The City of Mainz is to become an internationally visible and successful biotechnology location - biomindz builds the foundation so that life science and biotechnology from there improve people's quality of life.

Our promise: In Mainz you can successfully research, found and grow sustainably - for people’s benefit!


Mike Peter Schweitzer
PR & Marketing Manager Biotechnology
Phone: +49 151 70480516